This Dreamy Dashboard Cat Knows All About 4/20

This Dreamy Dashboard Cat Knows All About 4/20

Sometimes you just, like, need to sit in a window and watch the world roll by man.

So letting a live animal with claws rest above your car’s crumple zone is a tremendously bad idea. Filming while driving isn’t good either, so we hope this was recorded from the back seat.


But the only thing cats like better than starring listlessly is sitting in windows, right? This little guy is must be having the best moment of his nine lives right here.

Just chill out, man. It is Lima Bean Respect Day after all.


For those who feel like they’re missing something; “420” and ergo April 20th have become associated with the recreational use of marijuana. Prevailing lore says that 4:20 p.m. was the time when a group of Cali boys called “The Waldos” regularly met up to smoke weed and search for a “fabled” field full of unattended mary-j plants in Point Reyes. Vice explains that the number became appropriated by pot culture around the world because “Waldo Dave’s older brother was a friend of Phil Lesh, bassist for the Grateful Dead” who ran with it.

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