This Hillclimb Car Is A Freaking Legend

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Like meeting a stranger in a strange place, this circle track legends car has been converted to compete in short narrow hillclimb events in the UK. Instead of howling around a short dirt oval ever turning in one direction, this freed beast shouts its way up a sub-1-minute course. In the video below you can see just how frantic the experience of driving one of these can actually be.

I’ve watched the video myself at least a dozen times, and it bears at least two viewings. On the second viewing, focus on the pedal box inset video. You’ll see that the brake pedal actually has two pedals, one on either side of the steering column, to facilitate left foot or right foot braking. You can use the right side of the pedal to heel-toe easily, or you can use the left side of the pedal to transfer weight in the corners when you’re not using your left foot to clutch.

I love unorthodox cars used for types of motorsport they wouldn’t normally be used for. With a high revving motorcycle engine and a relatively low cost of entry, more people should be making use of legends cars. It’s a concept that works really well on dirt, I see no reason why we couldn’t incorporate a bunch of these into hillclimbs all over the world.

The video and photo were provided by reader Owen Yeo, whose brother is depicted as the driver in the video. The brother, SnoodyMcFlude on YouTube, recently sold a Westfield Lotus 7 copy to buy the legends car, and it looks like he has taken to it like a proverbial fish to water.

More of this, please.

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