This Indy 500 Pit Lane Crash Could Have Been Much Worse

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Screenshot: NBC

IndyCar inexperience caught out former Formula One racer Marcus Ericsson as he entered the pit lane on lap 138 in today’s Indianapolis 500. Getting slowed down from over 200 miles per hour down to the pit road speed limit isn’t exactly a cake walk. It appears Ericsson was just a bit too fast entering the lane and locked up his brakes trying to get everything whoa’d up.

The resulting spin and ping-pong off the inside pit lane wall with both the front and rear of his car could have really been a disaster. Ericsson’s car slid down through Sage Karam’s pit stall at a speed that shouldn’t be seen on pit lane. As luck would have it, Sage was not sitting in his pit stall, and his pit crew was not in the lane ready to receive him. If they had been, this would be a very different news update.


Ericsson is lucky that nothing worse than this happened. This crash happened at a low enough speed that he is likely to be a-okay, but his car is quite damaged, and he is a few laps down.

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