This Is Exactly What You Should Do With a Surplus Red Bull Mini

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Screenshot: Craigslist

The “safari” look is so hot right now and I couldn’t be happier. Every car looks cool with knobby tires, a roof basket and some extraneous lights. Including (especially?) an old Mini that outgrew its job with Red Bull and is enjoying a second life as a tiny overlander.

This car is on Craigslist right now, though alas doesn’t appear to be working at the moment so if you’re seeing this blog by mid-June 2019 the link will probably be dead. Don’t worry-you can still enjoy the idea thanks to a few screenshots!

The desert bumpers and wood-looking bed floor of this 2007 Mini, which you would have already seen if you were in Jalopnik’s super fun Facebook group The Way Back, actually look pretty well-executed and clean.

It’s hard to tell exactly how it’s lifted, but I would imagine there are probably spacers stilting the shocks up. The “MINI” tube-frame tailgate is a nice touch.


These Red Bull Minis were all over the place a decade ago. I feel like I remember seeing them parked at ski resorts, with women in puffy jackets handing out the drinks. Actually, that might be my last memory of consuming a Red Bull. The company has used all kinds of wacky vehicles to promote the beverage, but the Mini “trucks” will always be the best. Here’s a quick clip on how they were made:

I think they’re all out of official Red Bull service at this point and I feel like I have seen a few for sale over the years, but this sweet safari-style conversion is my favorite so far.


Hat tip to Sherwood!

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