This Is Probably The Next BMW M5 Way Before You’re Supposed To See It

We finally got to see what the next-generation BMW 5 Series would look like this week, first in a leak, and then followed by BMW showing everything but the upcoming M5. Oh, wait—the BMW M5 may have now been leaked, too. That didn’t take long!

The scooped CAD renderings come from The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast, which you can listen to here, who claim that the images show the new G30 M5 sent to them by an unnamed BMW employee. The images look like renderings commonly used throughout the industry, so this may be the real deal. Jalopnik has kindly been given permission to share the photos.

According to Cammed & Tubbed, no performance details were given, so all we have for now is a good idea of the front and rear bumper treatments for what could be the new M5. As already pointed out, given that the new M550i is an AWD 455 horsepower V8 monster that is quicker than the current M5, the G30 M5 is probably going to have some slightly insane performance specifications.



Though, if this is in fact the G30 M5, it’s definitely not going to look as aggressive as it will probably drive.

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