This May Be The New Top Gear We’ve Been Waiting For

The revived version of the BBC’s Top Gear without its old trio, whose new show got its own mixed reviews, had a tough time leading up to and throughout its return season. But with Chris Evans gone and trailers showing Chris Harris and Rory Reid taking bigger roles, this may be the revamp we’ve been waiting for.


Evans, the highly criticized former main Top Gear host who reportedly didn’t get along with major players in the show’s production and wasn’t the best to watch on air either, was out after just six episodes. He was reported to have a three-year contract. The show then moved host Matt LeBlanc into the main role, as you can probably tell from the new trailer for season 24 above.

With Evans out, the next obvious assumption was that the other hosts—hosts who represent a far more diverse picture of modern car culture than the three white guys who starred in it for years and years—would have more time to shine. And it looks like they will.


Under the short-lived Evans-era show format that featured six hosts, you didn’t really know what to expect from an episode. The much more universally liked Reid and Harris, whose reviewing and camera skills demanded much more airtime than they got, didn’t appear until the third episode despite tearing it up their online show, Extra Gear. Meanwhile, Evans was busy doing his much less interesting thing on television. Female host and Queen of the Nürburgring, Sabine Schmitz, showed up occasionally.

But this new approach, as also seen in another recent trailer, seems to go back to the era of three main hosts. That could be a wrong assumption, but LeBlanc, Reid and Harris got all of the screen time in this promo and the one from back in December. That’s already a huge improvement, and hopefully Schmitz will get more time on air as well.

The folks at the BBC still haven’t told us when the new season of Top Gear will be out. But whenever that is, it seems like we may finally get what we’ve all been waiting for.

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