This Might Just Be the Coolest Livery of the 2019 Indy 500

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Photo: Conor Daly (Twitter)

While plenty of teams and drivers have yet to reveal the cars they’ll be running in this year’s Indianapolis 500, I’m pretty confident when I say that Andretti Autosport has already blown all its competitors out of the water. Livery-wise, that is.

Today, the team has revealed the car that it’ll be fielding for one-off driver Conor Daly. The No. 25 machine, sponsored by the United States Air Force, is awesome.

Drawing inspiration from Air Force history, Daly’s Honda is decked out in the shark teeth war paint that you can find on plenty of aircraft, like the P-38 Lightning and A-10 Warthog. It’s a recognizable livery, and it looks right at home on the Dallara chassis.


I come from a family of avid model builders, usually muscle cars. But when we wanted something different, we’d always pick out a plane with the Flying Tigers shark tooth decals. I cannot tell you how stoked I am to see that on a race car. For me, it’s less the whole “’Muricuh!” thing and more a tribute to a neat looking piece of personal history. It’s high time we finally got the shark teeth on a race car.

Daly’s Air Force sponsorship isn’t new. He was also sponsored by them for last year’s 500, adopting a Thunderbird fighter jet-inspired livery that was also pretty damn sharp. I have to say I prefer this year’s version, though.

Unfortunately, there’s no prize for the best-looking car on the field—if there was, Daly’s No. 25 would take home the trophy hands down.

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