This Minimal Wallet Has a Unique (and Space-Saving) Way to Hold Your Cash

Arc Clipfold Wallet | Kickstarter

Cash storage and minimal wallets go together like water and oil. Some wallets skip the bill compartment altogether, which isn’t ideal. Others keep it on the outside of the wallet, which can feel rather precarious. Others just add a bulky cash pocket while still claiming to be a front pocket wallet, which is just plain unethical. But the new Arc Clipfold wallet has a different idea.

At first glance, the Arc Clipfold seems like a normal bifold, albeit one with modern, pull-tab card access slots on the outside. Open it up though, and instead of finding a traditional cash compartment spanning the entire length of the wallet, you’ll see a single, small triangle of folded material on the bottom that’s meant to hold your bills (the namesake “Clipfold”). Admittedly, it doesn’t look all that secure, and when the wallet is open, you can indeed shake the bills loose with relative ease. But when the the Arc Clipfold is folded up, cash feels as secure as any other wallet I’ve used.

Behind the bills, the designers also included a few more slots for extra cards, IDs, and business cards. And on the back of the wallet, there’s even a zipper slot for coins, keys, and other small items, which personally I could have done without, but it could come in handy.

While not the smallest wallet I’ve seen, the Clipfold is a unique product that manages to hold everything you could want with a bare minimum of bulk. Preorders are open now on Kickstarter starting at $37 for early birds, and deliveries are expected in August.


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