This NBA season was not fantastic

From Kyrie Irving to James Harden to LeBron and the Lakers... what a mess this 2021-22 season was.

From Kyrie Irving to James Harden to LeBron and the Lakers… what a mess this 2021-22 season was.
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The NBA ended its worst season in recent memory on Sunday. Yes, it was really that bad.

It never felt good. Not at the start of the season. Not in the middle of the year when the league celebrated its greatest players on its 75th anniversary. Or even at the end where we might have seen some meaningful games with teams playing for something.

No. Nope. Nada.

Instead, we got mush, goo.

The best way to describe the 2021-2022 NBA season goes like this. It was disjointed, incomplete and never really whole.

Way too many stars were missing in action for many different reasons.

In short, most NBA fans couldn’t have enjoyed it. It just felt like there was still meat left on the bone as the regular season concluded.

Sure, the Play-in Tourney is next, and then the postseason. Hopefully, NBA fans will get more excitement and thrilling outcomes.

As for the regular season, here are the top five reasons the NBA was hot garbage.

1. The Lakers

For sure, there were plenty of fans who were happy to see LeBron James and the Lakers not make it to a Play-In game. Most assumed that with the roster the Lakers had they were at the very least going to make the postseason.

Instead, it was a train wreck from jump. People kept thinking it couldn’t get any worse, but it did. Anthony Davis got hurt and seemed to miss a million games — again.

Russell Westbrook, the Lakers’ big offseason addition, wound up being what most NBA writers and analysts thought: not a good fit. In fact, he was a terrible fit with James.

And we saw with our own eyes that James — who averaged 30 points a game — doesn’t impact winning anymore.

The Lakers were so terrible that it wasn’t even fun for anti-L.A. people to watch. Somehow, with four Top 75 players on their roster, the Lakers failed to win back-to-back games since Jan. 7.

2. Injuries all over the league

If the NBA was a TV show this season, it would be M.A.S.H. All around the league, there was a wave of missing stars on rosters. Kawhi Leonard didn’t play a single minute for the Los Angeles Clippers. Neither did Zion Williamson for the New Orleans Pelicans.

Kevin Durant missed 21 games. The Denver Nuggets missed two of their best players most of the season in Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr..

Warriors star Steph Curry got injured at the end of the season. Golden State hopes he can return for the postseason. Chris Paul missed time with the Phoenix Suns. And Damian Lillard was shut down by the Portland Trail Blazers.

There were plenty more. But there’s not enough room on the internet to list them all.

3. Kyrie Irving

Sure, it was his personal choice not to get vaccinated, but he stole away the chance for Nets fans to see the three-headed monster — Durant, Irving and James Harden. He missed most of the season in Brooklyn because of a city ordinance. It was a bummer for those who wanted to see what was possible with three of the best scorers in the game on the same squad. Hence, the Nets were half-baked.

4. James Harden forcing another trade

Harden, one of the league’s most prolific scorers, has turned into a walking disaster. It’s hard not to look at him sideways. He has now forced his way out of two teams the last two seasons.

First, from Houston to Brooklyn last season. And this season, from BK to Philadelphia.

And after his first five games in Philly, many thought the Sixers struck gold. Not anymore. His regular season ended with a fizzle.

5. Ben Simmons not playing a single minute this season

Simmons’ season played out like the soap opera he has become. He finally got his wish, a trade out of Philly to the Nets. Sadly, another injury (lower back pain) sidelined him. He has yet to suit up for Brooklyn. The star forward, however, could play in the first round, if the Nets get out of the Play-in Tournament.

All of this made for a terrible season for the NBA, a terrible watch for its fans. The NBA was so bad this season that a Golden Girls marathon on Lifetime often offered better entertainment instead. Thank you ladies for being a friend through all this.

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