This Tesla Model 3 Badged as a ‘Civic Si’ Actually Kind of Works

Some of the best badge engineering happens way out of an automaker’s control. Just take this Tesla Model…uh, I mean “Honda Civic Si” for example.

Jennifer Sensiba‎posted these pictures of a confused Model 3 to our Facebook Group, The Way Back (join it if you haven’t already!) Tuesday. Sensiba was not immediately available when asked she found the pictures or the car, but photos of this badge-jumbled Model 3 have been making their rounds online over the past day or so.

Some of our other Way Back group members were having an absolute field day in the comments. Some of the more hilarious replies were:

“Finally, a civic that can beat you at the strip,” Dustin DeMoss said.

“E-Tec just kicked in YO,” Alan Chu said.

“So is Hector running a spoon engine in this car or no?” Matthew Christian said.

Ahhh, Hector.

The best thing about this little badge mixup though, is that somehow, this somehow actually looks right? Honda might want to take note of this little design field test. Should the next Civic just be a rebadged Model 3? Sure! Whatever! Yes! But also, definitely not.


Anyways, yes. Cars, too, can have identity crises.

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