This Tiny Paper V8 Engine Will Make You Soil Yourself With Delight

This Tiny Paper V8 Engine Will Make You Soil Yourself With Delight

I’ve found some pretty great things inside the little plastic capsule inside a Kinder Surprise Egg, but I don’t think anything beats the contents of this particular capsule: a tiny, working paper V8 engine that runs on compressed air. It’s pretty astounding.

The builder is engineer Aliaksei Zholner, and the tiny V8 is all paper, save for some Scotch tape used on the valves to reduce friction. There’s a crankshaft and pistons and a camshaft and valves and the damn thing actually runs when connected to a tiny balloon providing the compressed air. Here, just watch:


You’re probably thinking “that’s pretty cool, but my miniature paper engine needs demand real throttle control!” Well, you finicky bastard, you’re in luck:


Look at that — he’s made a throttle with a little butterfly valve in there. This is so impressive and adorable and intimidating and satisfying I’m not even sure what to do with myself. Hell, it even sounds good.

Holy crap, right?

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