Three Men Charged With Assault Of NASCAR Veteran After Concert 

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While leaving a Rascal Flatts concert on Friday, three men reportedly assaulted NASCAR veteran Mike Wallace. Per FOX Sports, Wallace’s daughter took kicks to the ribs in attempts to shield him from being kicked while unconscious. Police arrested the men over the weekend, all released on bonds of around $1,000.

The assault happened in the parking lot of PNC Pavilion in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to FOX Sports. Brother and FOX Sports analyst Kenny Wallace said Mike Wallace received repeated kicks to the head while unconscious, and shared the graphic image of Mike Wallace’s face and his daughter, Lindsey Wallace Van Wingerdenon, on a stretcher via Twitter:


Kenny Wallace also said his brother received 12 stitches inside of the mouth and was released from the hospital, according to FOX Sports. The report did not give an update on his daughter.

Per Motorsport, only one of the men got arrested on the night of the incident—Paul Lucas, charged with assault on a female and released on a $1,500 secured bond. The other two, Nathan Lucas and Randolph Mangum, received charges for simple assault and were released on $1,000 bonds.


Below is a message from Mike Wallace’s Facebook page that elaborates on the incident, retweeted by Kenny Wallace. Due to privacy features on Facebook, we could only go by the screenshot of the post and could not access it on page:

I normally would not post personal affairs but this is to help and give advice to our friends, do not ever talk to a group of now what appeared to be drunk or drugged up young adult men or women when you’re trying to get in your car to leave the un guarded PNC amphitheater in Charlotte, NC parking lot after a good Rascal Flatts concert. This is what I looked like after I was knocked out and crap beat out of me. The ambulance driver took this picture we were just supposed to have a fun night. I want to thank my family and friends for helping to protect me from a worse beating as I layed unconscious on the ground.

What’s worse is three of guys that beat my family up were arrested and out of jail before we were out of the hospital.

The white truck they were driving had the business name of LUCAS LANDSCAPING – Indian Trails, NC on the doors, so be careful according to the CMPD this is the third time this year at PNC this group has been involved in an altercation.

Everyone please be careful in the future and take care of your friends that you go somewhere with.

The three men arrested and released are set to appear in the Mecklenburg County District Court on July 22.

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