Titans-Steelers showdown postponed over rash of player coronavirus cases

Ben Roelisberger and Ryan Tannehill won’t be meeting this Sunday. But when?

Ben Roelisberger and Ryan Tannehill won’t be meeting this Sunday. But when?
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Sunday’s Week 4 matchup between Tennessee and Pittsburgh has been postponed due to a breakout of positive COVID-19 tests in the Titans organization.


The league announced that the game will be played on either Monday or Tuesday.


On Tuesday, the league announced that nine individuals in the franchise, four players and five staffers tested positive for the virus.

It was also reported on Tuesday that the Titans will be shutting down their facility until Saturday.


The league is considering Monday or Tuesday night as one of their options to reschedule but how the league moves will be dependent on test results.

Following the announcement of the Titans’ positive tests, the Steelers said that they will proceed as planned until told otherwise.


If they are not able to play on Monday, the league will have some other options to reschedule the matchup.


Many around the football world have proposed that the league could make up the Steelers and Titans game in Week 7, with both teams having this week as their bye week. The Titans have a bye in Week 7 and the Steelers are currently scheduled to take on the Ravens that Sunday, however, both the Steelers and Ravens have byes the following week.

In the event of postponement, the NFL could play the Titans and Steelers game in Week 7 and push back the Steelers and Ravens game to Week 8, with the Ravens having their bye in Week 7.


The Steelers and Titans’ bye would, of course, be this week.

The league will be forced to make a decision about this game soon.

This is a developing story.

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