TNT is going heavy on the Charles Barkley buffet for All-Star weekend

Charles Barkley is headed from the studio to the broadcast table for one magical night.

Charles Barkley is headed from the studio to the broadcast table for one magical night.
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If you’re someone who can’t get enough of the Inside the NBA crew on TNT or, in particular, Charles Barkley, then you’ll be thrilled about this year’s All-Star game broadcast. Sir Charles is scheduled to pull double duty, as reported by Andrew Marchand of the New York Post. Barkley has been named part of the play-by-play team for the game and will be working alongside Kevin Harlan and Hall of Famer Reggie Miller. Charles will also take part in TNT’s studio coverage of the game as usual.


With Marv Albert retiring after last season, TNT needed someone in his place, and while Barkley probably isn’t the best option out there, he just might be the most entertaining option as the third member of the All-Star game broadcast trio. According to the Post, MLB announcer Brian Anderson was supposed to succeed Albert as Turner sports’ lead NBA announcer. But that plan seems to have been shelved, at least for now. Anderson will be on the call, though, during Saturday’s festivities for the skills competition.

With Barkley calling the All-Star game, there should be plenty of cringeworthy yet classic moments that even leave his partners Harlan and Miller speechless during the telecast. From his bashing of today’s players to wisecracks about the league or the officiating, the mound round of rebound is bound to offend somebody on All-Star Sunday. A picture of Barkley should be under the term “no F’s given” when googling it.

There are two things I’ll be looking for regarding this All-Star game and Barkley being involved. And neither of them ain’t the actual game. Well, not the first 42 minutes or so anyway. Participants will turn up the intensity with about six minutes left in regulation. But I’m hoping there will be some kind of prop bet on how long it takes Barkley to diss Shaquille O’Neal. It’s going to happen. It always happens whether Shaq is in the room or not. No more than five minutes into the first quarter would be my guess. And I’d love to see Draymond Green make an appearance since he isn’t playing right now due to his back injury. Let’s have Green in the studio throwing shots around with the rest of the crew. Green and Barkley are “good” now, but all it takes is one little jab for all hell to break loose.

So, even if the players don’t go hard in the game, you can bet Barkley will keep our attention with his brand of foolishness.

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