Top Gear Finally Gave Us What We Wanted

Chris Evans getting sick, Matt LeBlanc getting a tour of London in a Hoonstang, Chris Harris finally driving something, Sabine Schmitz finally driving something and Rory Reid finally driving something made for one of the best episodes of Top Gear in years.

Spoilers below if you haven’t watched the show, but I kept it vague. Watch for the comments though.

We at Jalopnik had all reserved our last bit of hope and judgement for the third episode of the new season of rebooted Top Gear, mostly because we knew it finally meant seeing internet superstar Chris Harris make his regular-episode premier.


Harris’ Ferrari film was truly something special, with a surprise appearance of a classic I wasn’t expecting set to Piero Umiliani’s ‘Crepuscolo Sul Mare’ that just might give you goosebumps if the ceiling fan is running.…


While this may be an odd thing to pull from the review, the first two episodes of the new series had me worried it was being too targeted towards American audiences. Getting a chance to see cars we don’t get in America, like the AMG A45 and Honda Civic Type R, are what made old-new Top Gear so good, and Reid delivers.

Even the “stars in a rallycross car” segment was genuinely entertaining, particularly if Kevin Hart makes you laugh. It’s worth not skipping this once.

Finally the film with Matt LeBlanc and Ken Block in the Hoonistang site-seeing through London is also genuinely entertaining, with LeBlanc carrying on with a natural humor that we’ve been enjoying since the premier episode.…


Bottom line, if you skipped all of that, is to watch this episode. Not only is it the best of the new series, it’s one of the best episodes of Top Gear I’ve seen in years.

It was entertaining, all of the hosts were on screen and genuinely a delight in their own unique ways, and it felt familiar as much as it felt refreshing from the Top Gear of old. I could get used to this.

What did you guys think?

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