Traffic Jams: Boy Jr. — ‘Meet Me In The Middle’

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Screenshot: Boy Jr. on YouTube

If you’ve spent time on TikTok recently, you may know Boy Jr. for their song covers in the styles of other artists or extremely relatable audios about perfectionism. If you’ve followed their pre-clock-app career, though, you know them as one of the hardest-working indie musicians out there — and that work always shows through in the quality of their music.

Cold on the toes of her upcoming album Pay Attention To Meeee, Boy Jr.’s latest single “Meet Me In The Middle” is a certified banger. The deep, smooth bass rolls over you like musical umami — utterly satisfying.


“Meet Me In The Middle” may be Boy Jr.’s latest, but their entire back catalog is worth checking out. I’ve been following them since 2016, after a show held in the basement of a used bookstore in Rochester, NY, where they played a perfect rendition of “Come On Eileen”that apparently was never recorded. Video of that show is my white whale, and I am willing to sacrifice a leg to find it.

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