Triumph’s New Race Replica Looks Radiant In Red

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Triumph has a new super sport motorcycle heading to market based on the batshit bonkerballs 177-horsepower 436-pounds-wetSpeed Triple 1200 RS with what appears to be a full fairing and race ready aero. While the full bike hasn’t yet been unveiled, and Triumph is intentionally being vague about the bike’s specifications, it has given the world a glimpse of its new Speed Triple 1200 RR. For this track-ready monster, you can probably expect even lighter weight, a smidge more power, and crucially the first aero fairing on a Speed Triple. This thing looks like it’ll be wicked.


The short teaser video doesn’t let on much. There’s a few intense close-up shots of the bike, showing off stuff like the badge and the stitching, but nothing that gives us a proper look at what the bike will be. There is the above image of a rider on the bike in silhouette, but even that is given a shadow of doubt. We can’t see the bottom half of the bike, so we’re left to assume what’s going on down there.

The standard Speed Triple, and the more intense Speed Triple RS, are both naked sport bikes. This RR, however, looks like it will have a full fairing. As far as I can tell, the Speed Triple doesn’t actually race in any categories, so I’m not sure what Race this is Replicating, but it’s cool either way.

Some, including our friends at RideApart, have questioned why this monster model wouldn’t just be called Daytona, as is tradition with fully faired Triumphs. There is, of course, already a 765 Moto 2 Daytona, and the two bikes are not really related. It also seems unlikely that the Speed Triple would ever be allowed to race at Daytona, as it would need some serious modification (like a whole new engine) to be eligible to race with MotoAmerica. In any case, it doesn’t look like this will be given the Daytona name, and I’m okay with it.

Triumph says the new bike is “coming soon” but won’t say how soon. Based on the looks of things, this reveal is about the slowest thing this bike will ever do.

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