Trying to save Face(book): Meta-style rebranding campaigns for sports teams and figures

Into the Metaverse...

Into the Metaverse…
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Facebook tried to go full pivot yesterday with a rebranding of its name. For those of you who haven’t figured out that Facebook is a bottomless pit of frustration, despair, bigotry, misinformation, etc. and deleted your account — or forgot your login and don’t have access to your college email anymore (now I feel old) — Mark Zuckerberg was apparently late on the uptake, too, so don’t feel too bad. Actually, do feel bad and do delete your account.

I’m not sure if Meta is a good choice, and I’m even less sure why you would dress like a Bond villain and announce your plan for world domination before you’ve got Daniel Craig in a compromising position. (Phrasing.)

I’m no Don Draper but my suggestion would be a less ominous approach. Don’t announce it, just change the name to Flowr at 5 p.m. on a Friday and hope no one notices their F icon changed to a daisy. Shit, maybe I am Don Draper.

So, since you asked for it, and it is 5 p.m. on a Friday, here are a few free ideas from Sterling Cooper Draper Beckwith on which sports teams/figures need a rebrand.

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