Ubisoft turning The Division into movie produced by Jake Gyllenhaal

According to sources over at Variety, Ubisoft’s recent third-person shooter hit Tom Clancy’s The Division is being given the film adaptation treatment.

In the report, Variety points to the silver screen as a possible outlet for the film, and actor Jake Gyllenhaal will be serving as producer. If that is the case, he will likely star as well.

Those who follow know that The Division has been quite a hit for Ubisoft, setting records as the biggest opening for an original franchise and pulling in $330 million in just five days after launch. While the gameplay , griefers, and stream of updates remain an issue for the company, none will argue against the setting as a perfect setup for a feature length film.

Gyllenhaal also has experience working in video game movies, and his Prince of Persia film, also through Ubisoft, is one of the best reviewed adaptations of all time… at a towering 36 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Would you like to see a movie based on The Division? Like I said, the setup and the world are perfect, but it would need some better storytellers if a 2 hour three-act plot were to be told in it. Plus, we still have yet to see how that Assassin’s Creed film turns out before further judging Ubisoft’s movie ambitions.

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