Umbrella Corps dated for a May release, Capcom rolls out second trailer

Capcom’s Resident Evil spin-off, the online shooter Umbrella Corps, has been slapped with a May 12 launch date for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The game will only be released through digital channels, and it will set buyers back $30.

Contrary to previous reports, the game will have a single player mode, just no single player campaign. Capcom’s second trailer details Umbrella Corps’ Horde Mode heavily inspired by the popular settings in the main franchise. Resident Evil 4’s Village and Resident Evil 5’s Tricell Organization take center stage in the trailer.

Capcom also introduces “The Experiment,” a 20-mission training campaign that will introduce gamers to its multiple objectives. If you need some sort of single-player campaign to justify a purchase, here it is.

Umbrella Corps launches for the PlayStation 4 and PC on May 12.

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