USB-C takes a big step forward at CES 2017

USB-C has been kicking around rocks for the past year and a half, but it still feels a lot like a niche product. Sure Apple and a few other companies have jumped in head first with the new port, but the adoption rate for everyone else has been at a snail’s pace. But if CES 2017 is any indication, that process is about to start moving a lot quicker.

Here at the Consumer Electronic Show, we get to see the latest tech that will dominate the year. One tech that looks promising is more USB-C with the wide array of accessories featuring the new port. Everything from new displays to new dongles will hit the market and hopefully really push USB-C to the masses. There are still many computers, phones and other devices that don’t come with USB-C.

Roaming around the CES halls, we found a number of accessories that we really liked and think will be great additions if you too are embracing the USB-C life like us. They’re the exact products you will need if you buy a product like Apple’s new MacBook Pro.

Griffin BreakSafe Hi-Power – $39.99

The Griffin BreakSafe Hi-Power is the successor to the original BreakSafe cable, but now it features a 100W, up from 80W, capacity to power the computer faster. The first BreakSafe cable was originally meant for the 12-inch MacBook, but this new cable can handle the 15-inch MacBook Pro without a problem. It also still features the nifty magnetic connector that brings back MagSafe to the MacBook.

Henge Dock: Horizontal and Tethered Dock – starts at $499 and $199

Henge Dock, who is known for its docks for MacBooks, is back with two USB-C docks: the Horizontal Dock and the Tethered Dock. The Horizontal Dock essentially adds 14 ports to your new MacBook Pro, including HDMi, Ethernet, Mini Display port and six USB-A ports. The Tethered Dock acts as a part-time dock, part-time hub with extra ports for your computer. If you’re any sort of power user, this dock is for you. Both docks come in a USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 versions, with the ladder featuring faster 40 Gbps data speeds

Elgato Thunderbolt 3 – $299

Speaking of docks, here is another Thunderbolt 3 dock. It features the fast data speeds of Thunderbolt 3, and adds many extra ports to your computer, which at best comes with only four ports and can go dow to a single port with the MacBook. It’s a sleek way to add extra ports MacBook set up.

Satechi Dongles – $34.99

Ever since Apple decided to eliminate ports faster than Samsung’s phones blow up, the market for dongles has exploded. The Satechi USB-C dongle one of the best one’s you can buy right now. This dongle adds three USB 3.0 ports, an SD card and microSD card to your MacBook. It comes in three different colors: Silver, Gold and Space Gray and is priced very competitively at just $34.99.

Panasonic GH5 – $2,000

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