Use Android Pay and you could get a free Chromecast

Want free stuff? Use Google’s Android Pay, and thou shall receive.

As part of a new Tap 10 promotion, Google is offering some slick rewards to Android Pay users, with free music, and even a free Chromecast, up for grabs. There are, of course, several conditions, which you can read at the source link below. All you you really need to know is that the offer period ends on Feb. 29, while rewards and promotional codes expire on March 31.

Once a user reaches ten taps, they will no longer be eligible for the promotion. Sorry, but you won’t be able to go wild and get yourself multiple Chromecasts. (Though I don’t see why someone with multiple Google accounts couldn’t get around the restrictions.) Weirdly, taps must be at least five minutes apart, which means you’ll have to spread your purchases out.

To see what banks support Android Pay, click this link.

With Android Pay relatively late to the mobile payments game, seeing Google take an aggressive approach through incentives is really no surprise. If you don’t use Android Pay yet, now’s sure a good time to start. Getting a free Chromecast has never been so easy.

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