USPS and Furrion deliver some of the surprises at CES 2017

USPS is probably one of the last companies you would expect to be creating tech products, but that’s exactly what it’s doing. At CES 2017, many companies arrive to show some of their latest products and prototypes. USPS joined the likes of Razer to deliver some of the best surprises at CES.

Companies like to take overblown products to CES that are mostly concepts rather than products that will ever make it into the market. They look awesome, but you’ll never play with them. Even so, some of these cool products are insane. One even has a freaking helicopter as part of it. You won’t be disappointed with these selections.

USPS – The Most Wonderful Ornament

Literally, everything in our lives has converted into some sort of smart version, and it makes sense that mail packaging is jumping on the bandwagon. Leading the charge is USPS, who announced a few noteworthy additions to its smart delivery system. Using the holiday cheer as the backdrop, the coolest product they announced was the aforementioned Most Wonderful Ornament. This “smart ornament” lets you know when your packages have been shipped, delivered and opened with a color coordinated system.

Altwork – Altwork Station

Have you ever wanted to lie down at work, but continue working? Well, if you’re thinking these weird thoughts, Atlwork has you covered. The Altwork Station is a reclining desk that utilizes magnets to let you fully recline your chair, even to a lying down position. You can literally lie down and type out an essay. The demo at CES was crazy and cool. And it’d probably be more popular if they didn’t cost a mind-boggling $4,999 for each desk.

Furrion – Elysium

You may have never heard of Furrion, but the company certainly made a splash at CES with the Elysium. This is a 45-foot RV of sorts, except it’s from the future. Complete with a hot tub and helicopter (yes, you read that right), the Elysium can change the road trip forever. It’s essentially a land yacht and probably costs just as much a small ship, maybe even more.

Furrion – Prosthesis

If you’ve ever seen movies like The Matrix Revolutions and Avatar, then you probably have wanted a metal skeleton for your amusement, and Furrion has you covered with the Prosthesis. It’s an exo-bionic mec suit that is human-controlled. It runs up to 20 miles per hour, stands 14 feet tall and weighs 7,000 lbs. The future is really here.

Razer – Project Ariana

Razer is one of the leading companies pushing forward the power of computers, and its Project Ariana is no different. This is a high-tech projector that simulates and adds to your experience from a game. Its fish-eye lens lets it project around the focal point, create a new way to game.

OneWheel – OneWheel +

If you’re into fun tech you can ride, and we certainly are, the OneWheel+ is right up your alley. This is a one wheel machine, if you didn’t catch on from the name, that carries a plank of wood. It looks and is a lot of fun. Its big wheel let you travel in areas that aren’t reserved for most skateboards and scooters.

This video is sponsored by USPS.

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