Vandals Go On Terrifying Forklift Rampage, Flip Car, Hell Is Upon Us

Screengrab via YouTube

While everyone else with morals and reason was asleep, unknown vandals forkjacked a forklift and went on a rampage in Brooklyn Bridge Park this past weekend. One Nissan Leaf was tragically lost in the incident, may it forever RIP In Peace.


A 2015 Leaf which belongs to the NYC Parks Department, was flipped by suspects “joyriding” in a Bobcat pallet forklift, reports the Daily News. The wrongdoing happened at around 2 a.m. early Saturday morning:

After flipping the car, the driver abandoned the forklift at the scene — in front of a sign clearly marking the area for Park Enforcement Patrol vehicles only.

The Leaf was charging when its life was abruptly ended, reports A Walk In The Park. That’s, like, if someone came up behind you and flipped you while you were having a slice of pizza. What heartless scoundrels.


In addition to the Leaf, other innocent victims—like a small trailer and metal barricades—were wrecked by the forklift, reports Gothamist. There is no hope for humanity.

Happily, there is an ongoing investigation. If the vandals are caught, here’s to hoping that they’ll turn over a new leaf.

BAHAHAHAHAH get it, a new leaf? Like, a Nissan Leaf, but also, like, turn a new leaf?! Get it?!?!?!


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