Venom movie on the way, unconnected to upcoming Spider-Man film


With Tom Holland’s Spider-Man set to get his own solo film following his debut in Captain America: Civil War, Sony might explore further expanding the Spider-verse. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony wants to give Venom his own solo film and possibly even his own franchise.

The report says whatever Sony creates with Venom will be unconnected to the upcoming Spider-Man movie. That means Sony will have to perform some weird ballet where Venom exists separate from the MCU Spider-Man. The last time we saw Venom appear onscreen was in Spider-Man 3, which is largely considered to be the weakest of Sam Raimi’s trilogy.

The Hollywood Reporter did not say which incarnation of Venom Sony will go with. Because Spider-Man is out of the picture, that leaves the studio with Eddie Brock and Mac Gargan among other possibilities. Venom is typically portrayed as a villain though he was later depicted as an anti-hero.

For those unfamiliar, Venom is an alien symbiote who needs a human host in order to survive. When it does find a host, the host is then imbued with enhanced powers, including invisibility through camouflage, and the ability to evade Spider-Man’s “Spider-sense.”

It’s unclear when this project will get off the ground, but, and this is just speculation on my part, with Deadpool becoming such a phenomenal success for Fox, I’m guessing Sony wants to get in on the R-rated fun.

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