Villanova caught a huge break at the end of the first half in NCAA Championship game


In what was a close and competitive first half of the NCAA Championship game, it looked like North Carolina was seizing momentum towards the end of the first half when Villanova caught a huge break on a blown call by the officials.

With North Carolina up by seven in the closing seconds, a steal looked like it was going to lead to an easy fast-break layup to give the Tar Heels a 9-point lead. However, as Justin Jackson went up for the layup, he was clearly hit from behind and no call was made.

Villanova blocked the shot, went back up the court and hit a jumper. Instead of being down nine points and North Carolina having all of the momentum, it was suddenly a 5-point game with 20 minutes to play.

Roy Williams would later say that Jackson should have gone up stronger, anticipating the contact, and taking the call out of the hands of the officials. But still, Jackson was clobbered and there was an official in perfect position to see the play.

CBS never showed a close-up replay, but here is the play again in slow-motion.

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