Vince isn’t the only McMahon who sucks outside of wrestling

Like her husband, Vince, Linda McMahon is also bad at handling new ventures and dealing with people.

Like her husband, Vince, Linda McMahon is also bad at handling new ventures and dealing with people.
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The saga of Vince McMahon is certainly a multifaceted one. Perhaps the most curious, and most hilarious, is his unquenchable thirst to be seen as more than just a wrestling promoter, which in some circles is in the same folder as being a carny. Maybe he gets made fun of at his billionaire parties for not showing up in just trunks. Maybe he gets made fun of for showing up in just trunks. Who’s to say?


McMahon’s need to be seen as more has led him to try many things away from wrestling, and almost all of them have failed. His bodybuilding league went bust. The XFL has choked on its own vomit twice now and was just bought out by one of McMahon’s former employees, The Rock. Vince, much like his running buddy Donald Trump, couldn’t even get a casino to work, not realizing the property they bought wasn’t actually on the Vegas strip. Even wrestling-related ventures, like the WWE restaurant in Times Square, stepped on a rainbow pretty quickly.

It’s important to remember that this is a family thing, not just a Vince thing. The true test of love and partnership is, after all, when you’re both face-planting in the mud.


Linda McMahon, Vince’s wife, has failed twice to win a senate seat, in 2010 and 2012, including pouring $100 million into the latter campaign. With a close personal friend Trump in the White House, and only there to make his friends rich, Mrs. McMahon was made head of the Small Business Association. That went about how you’d imagine, but it wasn’t really meant to benefit anyone, as most of the past four years were.

Last year, Linda stepped down from the SBA to run Trump’s SuperPAC, America First Action. Here’s a thread that demonstrates just about how well that went:

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While AFA was able to attract most of its large donors again in the closing weeks of the campaign, it poured money into ads in battleground states in the last days of the election. That included Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. So that went well.

Mrs. McMahon poured over $4.5 million of her own money into the SuperPAC. Vince looks to have stayed out of this one, which would make for interesting discussions at home if it wasn’t for shell-game donations, but looking over his history, the $2.7 million to Chris Christie’s presidential run is good for a laugh that could cause a groin tear.


Sometimes, kids, it’s good to remember your limits, and that you can’t run from who you are. Even if you drop millions to do so.

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