Volta Says Its All-Electric Zero Is In Its Final Form

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Volta Trucks, which seems to be a Swedish concern, with ties to the United Kingdom and France as well, has released what it is calling a “production-ready” truck, called the Zero. I quite like it.


The Zero will be built for Europe, though I say “will” a bit tentatively there, since, like all EV startups, one should look at claims that they will do mass production skeptically. Still, Volta seems notably business-like in its announcement Wednesday, suggesting, if nothing else, a seriousness of purpose.

The final design also confirms that the revolutionary cab and premium working environment for drivers, with its low, central seating position to improve visibility and safety, will be maintained through to production. These same design principles will also be maintained into the forthcoming 7.5t, 12t, and 18t variants – the latter now being repositioned from its previous 19t gross weight.

Whilst bearing a close relationship to the original demonstrator vehicle, all body panels have been redesigned and updated for the final design. The most notable, but still minor, visual changes include the removal of the horizontal frontal light bar, and the replacement of the diagonal interface between the cab and the cargo box with a vertical line, to improve vehicle construction efficiency. Internally, only the colour and material palette have changed, with the blond leather of the demonstrator being replaced with a more practical charcoal colour, and the teak wooden flooring superseded by a more hard-wearing rubber matting.

Volta says it will make 25 prototypes “shortly,” that will be tested next year. There is no word on when the trucks will be delivered, which is a good sign, because it means that at least Volta isn’t overpromising anything. These trucks appear destined for Europe first, in any case. I haven’t been there in nearly two years, but I will be excited for when I return, when America is still way behind on electric things and Europe is full of weird novel electric things I’ve never encountered. Hopefully, maybe, this Volta is among them.

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