Watch a full episode of Scare PewDiePie right here

The first wave of YouTube Red content went live today, and chief among the bunch is Scare PewDiePiew, which, as the title implies, is a show about scaring the world’s most famous YouTuber. To give folks a taste of what the show is like, PewDiePie (a.k.a Felix Kjellberg) has released an episode on his channel for free. You can watch it in its entirety above.

The episode takes PewDiePiew through a series of challenges in the style of Outlast, a 2013 horror game that puts players in an insane asylum equipped with nothing but a video camera. (It was a terrific game if you haven’t played it, and was one of PewDiePie’s most successful series of videos.)

Scare PewDiePiew is much different from the YouTuber’s usual videos, in that it’s highly produced and has a reality TV angle, but it highlights Kjellberg’s growing stature in the entertainment industry. In addition to his show and YouTube channel, Kjellberg has also released a mobile game and a book, and he has made appearances on Late Night TV here in the U.S. He’s no longer that guy who makes Let’s Play videos, but a bonafide celebrity.

Even if you’re not a fan of PewDiePie, he has built his brand into an impressive empire, and from what I can tell from his more intimate videos, he remains humble through it all. He puts in a lot of work, too, and isn’t just in the media because he has a famous last name.

Check out the episode and decide for yourself whether this whole YouTube Red thing is worth subscribing to. At the very least, watch as one of this generation’s most unique celebrities breaks out of the confines of his Let’s Play reputation, and into a personality who has much, much more to offer.

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