Why the red suit? Deadpool sequel is already being planned

Deadpool almost didn’t exist, but a sequel is alread being planned. The embargoes for reviews lifted earlier this week, and for the most part they’re pretty positive. The main takeaway? Deadpool is a raunchy, childish and predictable movie, but absolutely hilarious, and a lot of that has to do with the performance from Ryan Reynolds, who, as we’ve seen from the trailers, was born to play the Merc With a Mouth.

The Hollywood Reporter claims the movie’s writers are already working on the sequel, which is good news, because that’s a big part of the film’s early success, too. If you’re familiar with the character, you already know what to expect. Deadpool is a sarcastic and self-deprecating anti-hero who isn’t afraid to be offensive, pretty much the opposite of the happy-go-lucky story that’s taking place over in the MCU.

Deadpool 2 probably won’t be the end either. According to Reynolds, he’s very much interested in exploring an X-Force movie, which sounds like a fairy tale ending for this whole Deadpool saga. The character wasn’t going to get a movie at all until test footage leaked. Now there’s a possibility the character could be central to an expanded universe.

Nothing official has been announced just yet, but given early response, you can bet something is coming soon. Deadpool comes out this Friday, Feb. 12.

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