Watch Legendary Champions Lewis Hamilton And Valentino Rossi Swap Rides For A Day

Photo: Motorsport Magazine (YouTube)

There’s really no doubting that both Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi are two of the greats in their sports, Formula One and MotoGP, respectively. But what would happen if they had to swap rides for a track day? Would they still be as absurdly dominant?

Apparently plenty of other people wondered the same thing because The Powers That Be decided to give Rossi a 2017 Mercedes and Hamilton a 2019 Yamaha at Valencia in Spain. You can check out what happens below:

It’s always fun to see two incredible racers from different disciplines exploring something new, swapping secrets about their respective craft. This video is no different. Hamilton puts it best: “I’m excited for him to discover the car for the first time.” There’s something kind of magical about the whole thing.


One of the most fascinating parts of the video is the two racers talking about visibility. Rossi notes that it’s really tough to get behind the wheel of an F1 car, where visibility is severely limited. I guess I never really thought of that aspect of things before, but MotoGP riders have it kind of lucky—their riding position enables them to turn their heads and bodies to gain, basically, a 180-degree view of the track. F1 drivers have a mere fraction of that.

It’s a fun video, but, still—here’s hoping that one day Lando Norris will get as luck as Hamilton here.

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