Watch This Poor Guy Justifiably Freak Out As His New Mercedes Explodes

Watch This Poor Guy Justifiably Freak Out As His New Mercedes Explodes

Look, I know we’re all probably going to laugh at the way this guy freaks out and shrieks and screams at his first burning, then exploding 2015 Mercedes C300. I get it. But, you have to feel for the guy – he just dropped over $40K on a nearly-new Benz, and it goes all Hindenburg on him? He has every right to lose his shit.

This happened on the middle of the Glenn Jackson Bridge between Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, on the 205 freeway. The car was just purchased a week earlier, as a certified used Mercedes-Benz, and had only 13,000 miles. That’s not the sort of car you’d expect to self-immolate.


At one point, the hapless owner asks

“It’s a brand new Mercedes. How come they do that?”

… which is both funny, because it sort of sounds like going up in a fireball is just one of those special Mercedes quirks that not everyone really “gets,” and also because it’s a hell of a good question. What could have gone wrong on this car to spark this sort of fire, and then actually explode?


The owner said the car was losing power, and then “turned itself off,” forcing him to pull over. Mercedes-Benz has been in contact with him. C300s were models that had a recall notice last year for a fuel delivery issue that could cause a fire risk, which could be what we see here.

I also like the way a passer-by stops, sees the car explode, and then leaves saying “alright guys, take it easy,” at the end of the video there. I’m not sure “taking it easy” is ever really an option right after you watch your new car explode.

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