Watch This Tesla Driver Cause Thousands Of Dollars In Damage In Seconds

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Whether they were absent-minded, distracted, showing off or otherwise, this Tesla driver ended up having a tough day. As Business Insider reports, a Tesla Model X driver in London smashed into a bus with one of the vehicle’s falcon-wing rear doors.

In the video, the driver pulls away from the curb with the right rear door fully open, driving along as if nothing is happening. I’m not sure how this is possible.


As others have pointed out, when the Model X senses that its door is open, there are THREE WHOLE WARNINGS: two on-screen warnings (one of which you can’t clear) and an audible tone that tells you the door is open. There’s literally an on-screen visual showing which door is open with the opened door being colored red. I don’t get how anyone can miss that.

Anyway, a Model X and its falcon-wing doors measure 90 inches when the doors are fully deployed. That was wide enough for the door of the biggest Tesla to slam into the upper portion of the windshield on the double-decker bus. The Model X came to a stop shortly after.

I know the owner has to be reeling after this. A quick look found that even minor damage to one of the Model X wing doors can be sob-inducing. One Reddit user who dinged his door received two estimates. One was for $6,000 and the other for $4,700. The damage shown in this video has to be over $10,000 at least. London transit was aware of the situation, saying:

“It must have been a really nasty shock for the bus driver, who we wish well, and we are supporting the bus operator’s ongoing investigation.”

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