Watching A Rolls-Royce On The Nürburgring Is Like Seeing A Nimble Hippo Dance


The Rolls-Royce Wraith weighs 5,380 pounds, or roughly as much as a small moon. Rolls-Royce, despite our pleas and admonishments, thinks it’s a good idea to take that much mass around the Nürburgring. Now see it in all its wallowing glory, and hear its tires scream.

Rolls-Royces are supposed to be wallowy beasts, because wallowing is an important step on the road to wafting. So it can be a bit of a mystery as to why Rolls is even putting it on track. Road & Track, which first spotted the video, has an explainer and since I couldn’t have said it better myself, here you go:


There’s several reasons why test engineers could be driving a car like this on the ‘Ring. It’s an excellent testbed for analyzing suspension compliance and handling, as well as testing a car’s endurance limits. The Wraith uses a satellite-aided transmission, which utilizes GPS data and its navigation system to predict what the next gear should be. The testers could be taking advantage of the Nordschleife’s 73 turns and constant changes in elevation to see just how well the transmission can predict what’s coming.

It’s still sacrilege. But I’d do it myself in a heartbeat.

h/t to Road & Track


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