We’re now big fans of the Cadillac CT6 plug-in luxury sedan — here’s why

So what’s the verdict on this unusual Cadillac sedan?

So what's the verdict on this unusual Cadillac sedan?


Cadillac doesn’t expect to sell many in the US — only about 1,000 for this model year. China, where the CT6 is assembled (using many exported US components, including the hybrid gas-electric drivetrain), is a different story. The goal there is more like 5,000.

But here’s the thing: Caddy should sell more CT6 plugins in the US. Even though the gas-only CT6 is a peppy ride, I don’t think it’s going to convince anyone that it’s a BMW. Yes, it has some punch. But the typical use case will be more Caddy of Old: tooling around town and freeway cruising.

Because of that, the hybrid gas-electric drivetrain makes a ton of sense. Your MPGe rating, according to Caddy, is a whopping 62! With a max range of 440 miles!

Those MPGs are Toyota Prius-like numbers. From my perspective, if you expect to use the big Caddy as a luxurious cruiser — and that’s its mojo, after all — then why wouldn’t you want all the oomph of a torque-y electric setup with the attendant fuel economy? Who cares if it only has four pots under the hood?

I basically loved it, and I didn’t need the additional specialized info-gauges and displays to convince. A nice leather seat, SiriusXM radio tuned to Classic Vinyl, “Tour” versus “Sport” mode for smoother power delivery, and the understanding that I could spare some battery juice by going into “Hold” mode for if I expected stop-and-go traffic.

I typically don’t make purchasing recommendations, but if I were going to buy a Caddy, and I wasn’t going for something bonkers like the Corvette-with-four-doors CTS-V, I’d get the CT6 plugin. It has everything the regular CT6 does, plus excellent MPG numbers. And at less than $80,000, with Cadillac’s premium appointments, a nice big back seat, and GM’s industry-leading suite of infotainment and connectivity features, it’s an excellent value even before you add up the fuel savings.

New favorite Caddy? I think so.

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