What Car Being Sold Today Is A Future Collectible?

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The term “collectible” conjures a specific type of car. It usually brings to mind an older car that we now celebrate for its design or mechanical and technical innovation. Some cars earn collectible status over time, after we’ve had time to reconsider them. Some are clearly instant classics that never really dip in value. Regardless, I feel like you can kind of look at a car today and make a call on whether anyone will spend the time and money keeping it on the road for the next half century. What car being sold today do you think is a future collectible?


Is it a current (and early) EV? Or is it something like the last gasp of the sports sedan? Or maybe it’s a beloved model that just keeps getting better every generation?

Obviously, supercars can be considered collectibles because of their rarity and cost alone but that shouldn’t be the only criteria for collectibility. Supercars are also significant because of their heritage or their pedigrees. In some ironic way, Ferraris and Lamborghinis are collectibles because they come from collectibles.

A collection of supercars would hardly account for all the current models that people will covet in the mid- to longterm. What are those other cars? Which current cars are we going to scoff at in twenty years when they sell for inflated prices on BaT? And remember, a car can be a collectible for a bunch of different reasons; it doesn’t have to be expensive.

I mean, so many models that people celebrate at car shows like Radwood are perfectly normal cars that grew into some historic significance. Some are hypernormal cars that somehow managed to stay in decent shape. But, hey, hindsight is 20/20. So what do you think? What car being sold today is a future collectible?

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