What Car Got The Best Facelift?

A photo of a red Jaguar XF sedan.

What car was given the best facelift over the years?
Photo: Jaguar

It seems that most of the times a new iteration of a car premieres, a lot of people complain about the changes to its design and call for a return of the original. Heck, that same thing can be said for movie sequels, TV show remakes and difficult second albums. But what cars buck this trend and were improved by a facelift?


Whether it was an ugly car that blossomed into something majestic following a rework or a graceful fine-tuning of an already good looking design, some things can improve the second time around. So, that’s what we want to uncover today. We want to hear about the cars that you think were given the best facelifts.

Maybe you love the way that Fiat smoothed out the lines on its much-maligned Multipla. Or perhaps you love the tweaks and changes Chevrolet has made to the Camaro over the years. Whatever the car, and whatever the facelift, we want to hear your picks for the most-improved car design.

Jaguar’s XF sedan is a good contender here. It started out in 2007 with a sleek, minimalist silhouette that was all thrown off kilter by a strange front end and a pair of out-of-place bug-eyed headlights. Thankfully, Jag saw the errors of its ways and switched up the front end with a facelift in 2011.

Then, there are the countless iterative improvements BMW has made to its designs over the years, and I’m sure everyone will have a favorite facelift there to choose from.

So that’s what we’re after today, the cars that have been given the best facelifts over the year. Let us know your top suggestions in the comments section below, and we’ll round up some of the best answers later on today.

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