What Do You Want From Your Weekends At Jalopnik?

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I have some tough news for you fine folks who join me here each weekend: I’m moving on from this post and taking up a position. I’m not going far — I’ll still be writing within the Jalopnik family — but I’ll keep you on your toes about what that position is going to be. But before I head out, I want to know: What do you want from your weekends?


I don’t know who will be filling my position here, nor do I know what their specialties will be, but I do want to make sure whoever that person is can get started with a vague idea of what readers are looking for from their weekend content. Consider this your blank slate to share ideas without any one person expected to follow your suggestions. And if you want to do things drastically different than how I did them, no hard feelings: That’s fine with me, too.

But I do want to know what you folks want. More history? Motorsport content? More NASCAR stories? Interviews? Industry features? Transportation stuff? Lots of news? A more hands-off approach, with fewer personal features? Something great that I haven’t even thought of yet? I’m all ears. Show me what you got. And help our new Jalopnik staff members get acquainted with the goals for future weekends.

To say that I’m a little sad to be moving from the weekends is, admittedly, an understatement. I’ve really come to cherish the folks who show up here on Saturdays and Sundays to give me the business, and I’ve loved the freedom that comes with the position. I have, for the most part, really gotten to do whatever I wanted as long as it was transportation-related and vaguely interesting, which is an incredibly freeing place to be in as a writer. What I have not loved, though, is the sheer amount of work (writing 18 blogs a week isn’t easy!) and the lack of benefits you’d get from a full-time position. On Monday, I’ll have a writing load better spaced out through the week as well as health insurance. That is delightful.

So, I bid you find folks adieu — at least from the Saturday/Sunday perspective. And I’ll see y’all bright and early Monday morning.

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