What Duke fan wants to watch this again?

It feels like the ACC Network is trolling.

It feels like the ACC Network is trolling.
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Damn, does someone at ACC Network have something personal against Coach K?

As you’re likely all very aware, ESPN hyped up Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski’s farewell season for months, culminating in even more hype for his final game against longtime in-state rival North Carolina. Just someone forgot to tell the Duke players who lost to unranked UNC at Cameron Indoor Stadium, 94-81.


In an extremely underwhelming end to the regular season, ESPN had to split-screen Coach K’s final entrance into Cameron, as the game before Duke-UNC was going long, and then relegated the start of Duke-UNC to ESPN2, enraging fans. For all the Duke haters out there, it was probably the funniest possible way the finale could have gone, made funnier by the Blue Devils’ loss.

Duke fans would probably like to just forget about the whole thing and move on, but the ACC Network will have none of that.

Today, the network announced that it would be re-airing not only the game, but the pregame and postgame ceremonies, which included Coach K telling the crowd to be quiet and then calling his team’s effort “unacceptable.” Rubbing salt in the wound much?

ACCN will be airing it twice — once today and once tomorrow, as Duke and UNC compete in the ACC Tournament semifinals. There could be a rematch tomorrow, if all goes right (or all goes wrong, depending on who you ask). The kicker is the devil emoji in the tweet — sure, it’s probably for the Blue Devils’ mascot, but it’s way funnier if you think of it as the network trolling Duke and K, which was the impression I got upon first seeing the tweet.

Duke will face Miami tonight before UNC tips off against Virginia.

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