What Is The Name Of Your Drift Team?

Photo credit Raphael Orlove

True fact: drift teams have the very best names. But what is the name of your drift team?

Here are some of the drift teams that have been operated by the Jalopnik staff, previously or currently:



  • Team T U R B O T A X
  • Team Sporty Dynamism
  • Dammit Westbrook
  • Kinja’d!
  • The Department of Bad Decisions
  • Workin’ On Our NIGHT MOVES
  • T E A M /// T R A F F I C *exciting viewcount squad america*
  • The Law Offices Of Booth, Shapiro and Hart
  • The Old Dirty E30
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Perchance To DRIFT
  • 2017 Lincoln Continental: The Jalopnik Review
  • Why Won’t The Millennials Slide Cars?
  • The Official Drift Team Of Jimmy John’s Location #347, San Marcos, Texas
  • Fist of the North Star
  • Bring A Trailer And Also An Ambulance
  • 500 Days of Ryan Tuerck
  • You Would Know This if You Followed Me On Twitter

Please tell us about your drift team.

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