What Is The Oldest Brand New Car Currently For Sale?

As a professional car shopper, I spend hours upon hours every day on various listing sites searching for cars. Sometimes I stumble across some really weird listings. Apparently, there are some brand new cars that have been sitting around for awhile.


Today I came across this listing for a 2012 Mercedes Sprinter Chassis. Now, Autotrader and other listing sites will often keep listings up that are long gone, so I usually will go to to the dealer’s page to double check. If the dealer doesn’t have the car listed it’s probably a glitch or expired listing that was never taken down.

This Mercedes dealer near Cleveland, Ohio is still advertising this “brand new” 2012, 3500 Sprinter for sale. Now I imagine the reason this thing hasn’t sold is the market for commercial Mercedes chassis is not as popular as say a brand new C-class, but it’s still pretty wild that no one has bought this truck.


I also spotted this new 2013 Camaro ZL1 for sale at what might be the most delicious sounding dealership ever.

The ZL1 wasn’t a hot seller when it came out, add in those terrible wheels and clear lack of effort on the dealer’s part to advertise a low price, and I am not shocked at all that no one has bought this car in the last four years.

What is the oldest car you can find for sale that is still brand new?

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