What The Hell Was This Person Thinking When They Drove Their Car Into A Huge Flood-Lake?

What The Hell Was This Person Thinking When They Drove Their Car Into A Huge Flood-Lake?

For the few remaining people who haven’t decided to buy an Amphicar, there’s a few rules to be followed when driving through an area undergoing flooding. Actually, there’s one rule: don’t drive into any puddles that look like lakes. This Saturn driver somehow didn’t seem to understand that idea.

Just watch what this driver does. She approaches a large flooded area on Highway 61 in DeSoto county, Mississippi, near Memphis, TN. The huge mass of water is at the base of a hill, and without slowing down or acknowledging that she’s about to transition from turf to surf, she plows right into the water. Predictably, she very quickly loses grip and spins out.


You’d think here a rational driver would take the hint, and seek to find a path where the ground was actually, you know, visible. Not submerged. Despite the lack of traffic and at least a few options for dry-land travel, our Saturn pilot plots a much bolder course, right into what appears to be the deepest section of the flood.

Despite her decisive entry, it doesn’t take long for the Saturn to suck in water, stall out, and start to nosedive into the water. Luckily for her, a few brave and already-wet good Samaritans were around to physically carry her out of her newly-tested U-boat and off to safety.


I’m just baffled why any of this happened at all. I’d think most drivers would approach a pond-scaled puddle like this with a bit more caution, and you’d think that once you realized how deep the water was, you’d stick to the land you could see.

You’d think.

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