What’s The Best Car For Going Off-Grid?

A green VW Caddy van parked on a beach

Is the VW Caddy the best car for going off-grid?
Photo: Volkswagen

In today’s society, many people find themselves feeling like a small cog driving the corporate machine with no hope of escape. While trawling through the monotony of daily life, they may start dreaming of a life away from it all, a life off-grid.


If you could cut your ties with civilization and head out into the wilderness, where would you go? And, more importantly, what wheels would you take with you?

That’s what we want to uncover today. We want to know what you think are the best cars for getting off-grid.

It could be something that you’d love to turn into an overlanding camper, where you could see yourself bedding down for the night. Or maybe, you want a machine with some off-roading prowess so you can hit the trails now that you’re not being brainwashed to hit the gym.

It’s tempting to once again suggest an old Fiat Panda 4×4 as the ultimate off-grid machine, as these cars are basically the correct answer to any QOTD. But, if you want to go truly off the grid, something a little bigger might come in handy.

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If that’s the case, might I draw your attention to the Volkswagen Caddy? Despite my new found love for pickups, a van would be infinitely more practical for a life off-grid. And, this little VW is the dream machine for getting away from it all.

If it’s just for a day trip in the outdoors, the Caddy has space for you and a friend, as well as all your paraphernalia for a day of adventure. Or, if you’re going off-grid more long-term, there’s space in the back for a bed, or you can pack all your dream camping gear into the trunk.


And the best thing about a van instead of a truck? Everything you store in the back stays dry if the weather takes a turn on you.

But, what would you opt for if you wanted to get away from it all? Let us know what you think are the best cars for going off-grid in the comments section below.

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