What’s The Biggest News We Missed Last Week?

A photo of the Polestar 02 concept car.

Did you miss us?
Photo: Polestar

You might have noticed something different about Jalopnik last week. There were fewer hot takes, breaking news stories, tales about broken down cars and other blogs about oddities from the world of cars. But all that is about to change, since we’re back! Back for good.


But don’t worry — while the writers and editors were away from our keyboards, we missed all your thoughtful comments, feedback and pointers on how to do our jobs better. But that isn’t the only thing we missed out on, there was also a week’s worth of news that we should have covered.

So, what are the biggest stories that slipped our net over the past seven days?That’s what we want to uncover today, so that we can make sure that we’re all back on the pulse as we ease into the blogs once more.

Maybe it was that swanky new Polestar concept that burst out its covers on Tuesday, or perhaps it was the cancellation of the Russian Grand Prix. It turns out a lot can happen in seven days!

Perhaps it was the ever-rising price of gas, or maybe it was the equally fast-rising cost of a Rivian electric pickup truck.

It might be that you’ve uncovered a new viral car mod that we should be blogging, or maybe Elon Musk tweeted something dumb again that we could all laugh about. In fact, I know for sure that Elon Musk tweeted something dumb again that we could all laugh about.

So, while we were out of office, what news have you come across that we need to know about?


Let us know your pick for the biggest stories of the last seven days in the comments section below. We’ll read through all the comments and round up some of the top suggestions later on this afternoon.

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