Where should the top NBA free agents go?


Anthony Davis
Image: (Getty Images)

DISCLAIMER: We’ve seen time and again in the NBA that if teams zero in on someone, they’ll find creative ways to make the transaction work, whether it’s a sign-and-trade, a straight-up signing, or sudden cap-clearing moves. So, yes, we may throw some numbers around estimating who might get what based on reports (actual ones) but overall, even if certain teams don’t have the space to get someone they covet, they’ll figure it out.

Furthermore, this is just pairing the top free agents of this year’s somewhat lackluster class — respectfully, compared to 2019 and 2021 — with teams and organizations who’d make the most sense, along with what’s been reported. Finally, the rankings are not in any exact order, nor do they include Anthony Davis, because why even waste time — he’s staying.

You’ve been briefed.

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