Where will these quarterbacks go?

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He’s the two-time, TWO-TIME, reigning MVP, and he’s likely played his last snap for the Green Bay Packers. In any other offseason, the market for someone as talented as Rodgers would be huge, but with so many other talented QBs on the market this year, many teams may not think Rodgers is worth the ransom they’d have to give to acquire him.

The Packers’ star has given a list of preferred trade partners in the past, with the 49ers, Raiders, and Broncos being three of the most heavily rumored. However, it’s unlikely the 49ers opt to go with anybody at quarterback that isn’t Tom Brady (if he decides to come out of retirement) or Trey Lance. The Raiders have always seemed content with Carr as their signal-caller as well. That leaves only the Broncos.

But is Denver really the best situation for Rodgers to go into. The team’s front office is in shambles. They’re currently looking for someone to buy them and just hired a new GM in January. Not to mention, Rodgers clearly wants to win a Super Bowl, so would moving into a division with Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert really be the best option? Furthermore, a move to Denver would put Rodgers in close proximity to his ex-fiancée. We all know how little Rodgers likes to interact with family members. Maybe he treats “almost-family” the same?

All in all, as little as there is to like in Denver from an off-the-field perspective, it was still one of Rodgers’ preferred trade destinations for a reason. While Rodgers may have had his differences with Packers’ head coach Matt LaFleur, he never seemed to have issues with former Packers’ OC, now-Broncos’ head coach, Nathaniel Hackett. Denver has the weapons and defense to be a legitimate contender with Rodgers under center… as long as they can hold their own against Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, and Las Vegas Raiders. Rodgers, famously confident, should welcome the challenge no problem. Plus, it’d be fitting that Rodgers would head to the Mile High City after all those years sitting in an ivory tower looking down on the city of Green Bay.

Prediction: Broncos make a deal for Rodgers

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