You Can Buy Hennessey’s Personal Drag Strip For A Mere $2.7 Million

You Can Buy Hennessey's Personal Drag Strip For A Mere $2.7 Million
Photo credit: Hennessey Performance Engineering

Hennessey Performance Engineering is currently the only tuner in North America who owns their own test track—but that could change for the right buyer. Lonestar Motorsports Park, the IHRA-sanctioned quarter-mile drag strip next to Hennessey’s headquarters in Sealy, Texas, is up for sale.

The 55-acre facility is being offered for sale on Racing Junk for $2.7 million. If you’ve ever wanted your own drag strip, this sounds like an out-of-the-box deal where most of the technical equipment conveys with the strip. From the ad:

Property includes: 55 acres, enclosed and air conditioned concessions stands, grand stands with seating for 800, staging lanes, control tower, lights, timing equipment, fuel barn and more.

Why would Hennessey sell such a prime property related to their tuning shop?


“We’ve owned it about a dozen years and it’s worth more now,” John Hennessey told me in a phone conversation this morning.

Hennessey said that there’s no plans to move their main shop and that they’d still use the strip for testing after someone else takes over. However, they’d like to reinvest the funds from the sale of the track into the business side, taking production from what he said was about 400 cars a year to more than 1,000.


You Can Buy Hennessey's Personal Drag Strip For A Mere $2.7 Million
Photo credit: Hennessey Performance Engineering

The Racing Junk ad also mentions that the property could be expanded into a road racing course. Plans to expand it into a 1.4-mile road course are still mentioned on the Hennessey Performance Engineering website, however, talking about it seems to be as far as they’ve gone.

An additional 70 acres being offered for sale adjacent to the drag strip would give such a road course plenty of parking and run-off space. The 70-acre tract is for sale for an additional undisclosed cost on top of the $2.7 million for the track itself.

The Lonestar Motorsports Park website says that the facility operates on 143 acres of land, so it’s clear they’re selling it off in two sections. Hopefully Sealy doesn’t have a problem with developers thinking that 70 acres next to a racetrack and a private airstrip is a prime location for a neighborhood. If the other tracks in Texas have taught me anything, though, it’s that cows and crops don’t seem to mind.

Go here for the Racing Junk post, or here if the ad goes down.


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