You Can Score A Great Summer Deal On An ND Mazda Miata Right Now

Photo: DW Burnett/PUPPYKNUCKLES for Jalopnik

Here at Jalopnik, we are, for the most part, big fans of the Mazda Miata. (You may have heard about this once or twice before.) The current ND generation roadster is arguably the closest evolution of the original NA Miata yet, and you may be surprised to find new and lightly used examples cheaper than you expected.

It really pays to spread your net wide and see what is available in various metros because there are some serious deals on both new and used models. If you’re flexible on color and trim, even better.


For example, base Sport models that would have had an original sticker price of about $26,000 generally don’t drop all that much. In fact, if you’re set on a Sport, you are probably better off negotiating hard for a new 2017 car.

But there are a handful of Sport trim cars available for around $20,000 if you don’t mind the mileage.

In order to maximize value, you really want a Grand Touring model. A 2016 MX-5 Grand Touring had an MSRP of about $31,000 for a manual or $32,000 for an automatic, if you’re okay with being judged by people.



You can score a used or perhaps even a brand new leftover 2016 Grand Touring roadster from for around $23,000:

Of course, you can score other great deals on new and used convertibles before the summer is over, like a droptop Mustang or Camaro or depreciated luxury model with a fancy hard top, but very few of those offer the pure driving joy and bang for your buck that a Miata does.

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