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Back in the old days (say, 2002 or 2003), a reporter couldn’t make much headway gathering and presenting the news without the vast resources of a giant newspaper or television station behind them. Now, the tools of communication have been fully democratized and are basically open to nearly anyone with the interest and determination to harness those tools.

What does it take to bring the latest information to the web in 2016? Whether it’s news, event coverage, opinion pieces or even just the happenings in your very own neighborhood, all the weapons you need to amass a mighty blogging empire are within an arm’s reach right now.

WordPress Wizard Bundle

Price: $49 (95% off)

WordPress Bundle

There’s a reason half the websites out there are powered by WordPress. The most popular website-building tool on the planet can hand you the keys to construct virtually any type of web presence you need – so learn all there is to know about WordPress and its features in this comprehensive 12-course learning bundle. Blogging, e-commerce, even app building…it’s all covered in this collection that can translate your web idea into a tangible, functioning reality. At a retail price usually over $1,100, this $49 course package offers you a foundation for any and all of the programming and administrative knowledge you’ll ever need for creating and managing successful online outlets.

iRig Mic Cast: Voice Recorder

Price: $29.99 (25% off)


If you want to build an audio component to your coverage, you’ll have podcasting or long-form interviewing covered with the iRig. This ridiculously convenient little powerhouse plugs right into a smartphone or mobile device and delivers crisp, clear voice recordings to use for taking notes or presenting your full, unedited conversations to the web. At less than 2 inches square and weighing less than an ounce, the extremely portable iRig is a must-have item when you’re out and around…and at $29.99, it’s a cost-effective addition to any media pro’s equipment kit.

Adobe Know-How All-Inclusive Photography Bundle

Price: $69 (93% off)

Adobe Photography Bundle

If the extent of your photography knowledge is auto-focus and point-and-shoot…well, you need to up your game. With this 14-course package, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of photography and image editing from serious camera pros. Master the techniques for shooting in color or black and white, portraits, at night or in virtually any lighting condition with the aid of Adobe’s ever-popular Photoshop and Lightroom platforms. This bundle will give you all the background you need to present images that can stand side-by-side with the greatest photojournalists around…and at $69, it’s a fraction of the full $1,000 price tag of this learning package.

Lytro Illum Camera

Price: $369.99 (71% off)

Lytro Cam

Photography know-how isn’t much good without an awesome camera to go with it, so go top-shelf with the Lytro Illum Camera. The Lyto doesn’t just capture light rays in a split-second like a standard two-dimensional image. It records the actual direction of those light rays, allowing you to create a virtual 3D “living picture” reconstruction that you can later refocus or manipulate in incredible ways. The Lytro normally runs $1,300, but get in on this deal now and you can get it for just $369.99, 71% off its regular price.

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