You’re Not Ready For An Island Of Jeremy Clarksons 


I never imagined what our world would be like with more than one Jeremy Clarkson. The thought itself seemed too vulgar; too dangerous. That is until RamblinRover posted a video skit featuring an entire island of Clarksons on Oppositelock today—and then Road & Track picked it up.

From what I can tell, the Clarkson Island skit from the Harry and Paul comedy show was first posted to Oppo back in March of last year, and then again by Jagvar a few weeks ago, and then again today by RamblinRover. The last of which was picked up by Chris Perkins, formerly of Jalopnik, over on Road & Travis.

That may sound extremely incestuous… until you witness what an island of Jeremy Clarkson clones looks like.


“We have to clip ‘em twice a year, otherwise their wooly hair gets clogged up with all the shit that comes out their mouths.”

What’s most impressive is every single Clarkson fucking nails it. Which is your favorite Clarkson clone? Mine was the Clarkson Five troupe.


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